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This is a test. [Jul. 3rd, 2008|12:50 am]
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         Hi, so I've been lurking around here for, oh, I don't know. Let's just say a really long time . XD I was inspired to write a short story about our 2 favorite Fire Nation girls. Please bear with me seeing as how this is the first story I have ever written, not to mention my first complex post. XD Thanks!

Title: Loyal Companion
Rating: G
Spoilers: Major spoiler for The Boiling Rock!!
Summary: Azula reflects on the day at the Boiling Rock.
Author's Note: Okay, below you will see two cuts. They're both labeled accordingly. The first cut is the entire story with the original ending. The second is only the alternate ending. So pick and choose. Personally I like both, but I know that sometimes all I want is a nice, happy-ish ending for Azula. 



© Azula and Ty Lee are, sadly, not mine. They belong to Nickelodeon.  


Loyal Companion


            Azula tried not to think of Mai’s betrayal. Honestly, she couldn’t have cared less about Mai. Sure, she was shocked when it had initially happened, but now that she had time to think about it, Mai had never been quite as loyal to her as Ty Lee, which led to the real reason she did not want to think of that day at the Boiling Rock.


            Ty Lee, the girl Azula considered to be her most loyal companion, had done the unthinkable to protect, of all people, that emotionless, vulture griffin of a girl, Mai.


            “Loyal companion,” Azula scoffed. “You know she was more than that…”


            Azula had, over time, grudgingly admitted to herself that the bubbly circus girl had become more than a companion to her. She found herself compelled to spend time with Ty Lee when she was not otherwise engaged and she had even willingly allowed Ty Lee to watch her while training; something she had never even felt the Fire Lord himself was worthy to see. Though the princess had to admit, she thoroughly enjoyed having Ty Lee’s grey orbs focused on nothing but her for a few hours daily. There were some days Azula had the urge to show off to the acrobat, so she added an extra shot of lightning here and there, along with a flurry of unnecessary back flips and front flips accompanied with her signature blue flames. After training sessions like that, she was always a bit more worn out than usual, but upon seeing the look of joy and amazement from Ty Lee, she concluded it was more than worth it.


            “And that is precisely why she struck you down as easily as she did at the prison. She had known how you were planning to dispatch Mai as soon as you had started the motions. You fool…” thought Princess Azula bitterly.


            She had always known letting Ty Lee get close to her was not a very smart move, but from the day Azula had visited her at the circus and was greeted by a loving, caring embrace, she knew her efforts were useless. Ty Lee had managed to unknowingly do what nobody else could, or even wanted to. She had stolen the Fire Nation Princess’s heart.


            “So much for your asinine fairy-tale ending,” deadpanned Azula to herself. Of course, her ‘fairy-tale ending’ consisted of the Fire Nation winning the war and crushing the Avatar along with her moronic brother. She would then gallantly whisk Ty Lee off to the Fire Nation palace, where she would usurp the throne from her father and be crowned Fire Lord with Ty Lee by her side as Fire Lady.


            Azula allowed a small, but sincere smile to grace her normally devious features, but her countenance immediately darkened as she realized that now this could never happen. She had been foolish and, given the chance, she would have rid herself of these pathetic feelings ages ago.


            Would you?”, a small, innocent voice questioned in her mind, “Do you regret your feelings so much as to wish them gone, along with the cherished memories you have with her, some of the happiest moments you can recall?”


            Azula walked to the window in her room and gazed out at the palace gardens, remembering the walks she shared in them with the acrobat, and allowed that same smile to show. She then gazed to her left and saw a picture she had commissioned an artist to paint, due to Ty Lee’s persistent nagging. It pictured the Fire Princess with her arm around the acrobat’s shoulders as Ty Lee adoringly hugged Azula. She blushed slightly at the memory considering they had to stay like that for a good hour and a half so the painter could finish with an acceptable piece.


            Azula gently touched Ty Lee’s face on the portrait and muttered bemusedly, “No…no I don’t…”


EDIT (?):  Azula gently touched Ty Lee’s face on the portrait and in an instant the painting was on the ground, the smiling faces of the pair lost in blue flames. Despondently, Azula muttered, “Yes, I do.”